La Parmigiana is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Glasgow that is still owned by the same family that originally opened it in 1978.

Angelo and Maria Giovanazzi opened this small but beautiful restaurant on the banks of the river Kelvin and it has flourished to one of the most respected restaurants in the city, being consistently one of the top Italian restaurants throughout its many years.

Situated on Kelvinbridge, in the West End of Glasgow, La Parmigiana’s team has always been vital in giving the perfect Italian dining experience and after many years of working at the restaurant, Luigi, David and Salvatore, have retired. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the hard work put in to maintain the high standards that have always been expected at La Parmigiana and wish them all the best for the future.

I would also like to introduce three wonderful new waiters, Umberto, Giacomo and Maria to the team and am sure that they will do their utmost to fill the shoes of their predecessors and continue to improve what is a wonderful restaurant.

Our chefs, Peppino Camilli and John Bagley, who have both worked with the Giovanazzi Family for over 20 years are always pushing the boundaries of the kitchen to new levels and with Matteo coming through and being mentored by both Peppino and Sandro, this looks to continue for quite a while.

Originally opened as more of a trattoria, La Parmigiana has evolved into a much more elegant restaurant and with many years of hard work, evolved into the fine dining, award winning restaurant it is today.

History of La Parmigiana